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PP honeycomb sheet

Honeycomb sheet can be widely used in luggage cover panels, luggage compartment partitions,luggage carpet substrates, side decorative panels, ceilings, boxes and other parts of medium and high- end passenger cars and vans and containers.
In manufacturing of white appliances such as refrigerator back walls or washing machine protective bottoms.
In construction as permanent shuttering.
In logistics as liners, container walls and dividers.
In glass and beverage industries as pallet liner pads.
In advertising industry as panels, boards and stand walls, supplies for screen-printing · in automotive industry as back wall panels, spare wheels housing.
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● PP honeycomb board is made of polypropylene, with a stable honeycomb core layer structure, the polypropylene honeycomb panel has the advantages of lightweight, chemical resistance, impact resistance, high load capacity, easy processing and recycle ability. Plastic honeycomb panels do not have the disadvantages of paper honeycomb panels that are not waterproof and easy to damp, nor do they have the shortcomings of high price, poor sound insulation, and poor corrosivity of aluminum honeycomb panels.

- High strength at light weight.
- Smooth surface.
- Long-run durability.
- Environmental stability: the sheet doesn’t crumble or have any harmful influence on the environment.
- Cost effectiveness (100% recycled)
- Eco-friendliness.
- Moisture resistance.

- Less likely to accumulate dust - Can be recycled, so it is used to replace corrugated board - The cost of pp honeycomb board is relatively low - Good pressure resistance - Anti-pressure and moisture-proof - It is made into functional packaging boxes with anti-static properties - Corrosion resistance is also relatively strong, and can effectively resist chemicals, fungi, etc. - Constant force absorption ability is relatively strong, and has good sound insulation performance


Density (gsm):600g-5000g

Size:As per customized design(Width:Max. 2m)

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