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PP hollow sheet

Advertising board.(sign board, exhibition board, brand mark, light box board picture frame backing, etc.)
Packing (gift boxes, food packing, transfer box, mailbox, display rack, partition, etc.)
Industrial usage board( including wire/cable wrapping, glass/steel board wrapping, cushion, rack, clapboard, padding board, luggage carrier, separating board, baseboard, cross board, etc)
Construction Protection Board: Partition, wall cladding, indoor or outdoor decoration, protection board of flooring,wall windows and ceiling board, etc. Protective board, use to protect the facility before buy-off, for example: escalator, floor, etc.
Others: Backboard of bassinet, simple wardrobe, etc.
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● PP corrugated sheet (also call pp hollow sheet pp twin-wall sheet)is made from Polypropylene(PP)block copolymer, it is an extruded hollow profile sheet consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs.

● PP corrugate sheet is the material of choice for today's screen printing industry.

● Corrugated PP sheet is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 

● It is tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than extruded plastic sheet, and it waterproof and stain-resistant.

1. Hard stiffness with light weight,durable

2. Water proof,moisture resistance

3. Easy to be printed by silk screen printing easy to be shaped

4. Eco-friendly,reusable,recyclable

5. Can be maed in any customized boxes.

Size:As per customized design(Width:Max. 2m)

Density (gsm):200g-4000g

White,black,red,blue,yellow,green(color customized).

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