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PP board

Drinking water/sewage line
Seals spraying carrier
Snti-corrosive tank/bucket
Scid/alkali resistant industry waste
Exhuast emission equipment
Washer,dust free room
Semiconductor factory and other related industry euipment and machinery
Food machine and cutting plank and electroplating process.
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● PP looks like PE, but PP is more transparent, lighter. PP is flammable. PP own low water absorption, low gas permeability. 

● PP has good mechanical properties, the tensile strength and yielding strength are better than PE, PS and ABS. 

● PP resists stress cracking and easy to weld, but low notched impact strength, the finished parts shall avoid sharp corners and notches. 

● The temperature ranges between +5°Cand 100°C.

Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment

Low moisture absorption

Good chemical resistance

Low cost

Extremely tough (copolymer)

Excellent aesthetic properties

Easy to fabricate

Lower density, heat resistance, non-deformation, high rigidity, high surface strength, good chemcial stability, excellent electric performance, non toxic, Uniform in color, smooth surface, flatness, easy for installation and maintenance, long service life, easy processing and strong weldment.


Specification(Size):1000mm*2000mm, 1220mm*2440mm, 1500mm*3000mm, etc.

Sample OEM&ODM:Accept

White,black,red,blue,yellow,green(color customized).

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