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Dasher board

Roller skating
Ice skating
Football arena
Entertainment park
Backyard ice rink
Shopping center hockey board
Plastic puck board for ice hockey
Indoor Ice hockey skate
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● The ice rink dasher board uses both anodized aluminum and galvanized steel frames, which are non-corrosive and long-lasting. 

● The frames are durable, provide superior flexibility, and require minimal maintenance. 

● All latches, hinges, and fasteners are fully functional and easy to operate, even for children.

1. Corrosion-resistant

2. Superior durability

3. Clean, professional appearance

4. Low maintenance

5. Easy installation and removal for events

6. Custom sizing

7. Easily transported and assembled and stored

8. Can be used indoor or outdoor

Board 2000x1200x10mm

Triangle Support 50x25x2mm

Bracket Support 50x50x2mm

Other customized sizes are also available.

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