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Synthetic ice sheet

Teaching and training;Large comprehensive shopping malls;Sports parks;Ice world and other internal projects;A mobile ice rink for rent or personal use;Home small ice rink, etc.
Teaching skating area of the school.
Mobile summer skating venue.
Small and medium-sized skating entertainment venues in the community.
Skating recreation area in shopping mall.
Family ice skating, etc.
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● Synthetic Ice Rink System SIRS makes skating possible for everyone anything everywhere. 

● With SIRS everyone can enjoy ice-skating in an inexpensive and environment-friendly way. 

● SIRS 4 season ice rink is today’s best choice for all ice-related sports.

1. Self-lubricating

2. High durability

3. No corrosion

4. UV-stabilized

5. Good chemical resistance

6. Consistent surface quality

7. Quick and easy installation

8. Outdoor and indoor possibility

9. Any size,colors, and shapes available

10. Suitable for wide range of temperature

Thickness:10mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

Size:1000*1000mm, 1000*2000mm or customize


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