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Shooting pad

Plastic PE shooting pad/Extreme Professional Hockey Shooting pad.
Synthetic Ice SkillPad and Shooting Board/Hockey Shot Professional Shooting Pad.
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● Our hockey shooting board/shooting pad/shooting mat is has been specifically engineered to replicate an ice hockey surface. ● Use the hockey shooting board to practice your wrist shot and snap shot, or even your slap shotin a confined space.  

● Any drill that involves stationary shooting can be done with this hockey shooting mat, as well as stationary stick handling drills.

1、Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use on a smooth, flat surface.

2、Slicker and more ice-like than puck board.

3、More durable than plexiglass.

4、At 1/10”, it’s thin enough to roll up yet thick enough for a smooth feel on heavy slap shots.

5、Large enough to practice multi-move sets and wide-angle toe-drags.

6、Eliminates tape marks on your floors or driveway./7、Works great with a passer.

Average molecular weight:3million- 10 million g/mol

Tensile strength(23°C in air):300%

Density:0.98 g/cm³


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