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Floorball Rink

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● The ice rink fence panel's material is HDPE and Uhmwpe, it includes panel, steel frame, steel triangular support, handrail and screw. 

● Special design adding Aluminium alloyand bright color guarantee the quality of the product that is safety, beautiful, sturdy and durable. 

● Comes in 48''H standard heights. Modular pieces allow for complete customization and scalability for any size rink. 

● Custom lengths available on request.

1. Light weight

2. Durable

3. Beautiful appearance

4. Assembled design

5. Safety

6. Good decoration and rich colors

7. Environmental protection

8. Good flexibility

9. Polymer fence products

10.Good weather ability

11.Easy installation

The 40 by 20 meters size rink needs the following number of individual segments: 52 pcs of the 2 m, 4 pcs of the 1 m and 4 pcs of the rounded corners. 
A 40 m long side of the rink need 18 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment.

A 20 m long side of the rink need 8 pieces of the 2 m and 1 piece of the 1 m segment.

A rounded corner is expected to be 1,5 m long on each rink side out of an imaginary corner point at an angle of 90°.

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