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LDPE sheet

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● LDPE board refers to a board made of low-density polyethylene (Low-Density Polyethylene, LDPE for short) as a raw material In general, LDPE sheets are widely used in packaging, construction, chemical, refrigeration industries and other fields due to their lightness, softness, corrosion resistance and cold resistance, and meet the needs of various industrial and consumer products.

1. Self-lubrication.

2. Low water absorption <0.01%.

3. High corrosion resistance.

4. High impact resistance.

5. UV resistance and long service life.

6. Working temperature: -60 to 80℃.

7. Excellent machining property and tensile strength.

8. Excellent thermoforming performance.

9. High impact strength.

10. Acid-alkali resistance.

11. Food grade.

12. Wear tesisting.

13. Self lubrication.

Thickness:0.5-10 mm

Size:1220 x 2440 mm & Customized

Processing Service:Cutting, Moulding, Forming

Max width:1500 mm

Surface:Glossy, Rough, Smooth, Textured


White, Black, Red, Blue & Customized.

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