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PVC foam sheet

ADVERTISING: professional screen printing, exhibition, remarking board, color sign, typewriting.
TRANSPORTATION: ship, plane ,bus ,train carriage, ceiling, inner core of plate decoration in box.
INDUSTRY ENGINEERING: moisture protection, corrosion protection, environment protection special insulation.
ARCHITECTURAL: decoration board, noise barriers, partition board, fire-resistant kitchenware and bathroom facilities and window frame ,etc.
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● PVC Foam Board is an extremely versatile material which is suitable for internal and some external applications It is available in white and colored, which is very popular in the international market, it's in matte and glossy finish in selected sizes. It has excellent UV resistance outdoor.

1. Light weight,good tenacity, high rigidity

2. Fireproof and flame retardant

3. Good insulation

4. No sopping, no deformation

5. Easily to processed

6. Good plasticity, being an excellent thermoforming material

7. Sub-light surface and elegant vision

8. Anti-chemical corrosion

9. Suitable to silk screen printing

10.With imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging

Thickness:1mm to 40mm

Density:0.31-0.9 g/cm³


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