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PVC transparent roll

The packaging of textile, hardware tools, precision machinery and craft gifts.
The production of traveling products, stationery, raincoats, umbrellas, cold lamination film and inflatable toys.
Car body advertisement, inside car decoration (such as sun shield plates), indoor and outdoor advertisement, certificate making.
Many kinds of lining compounding.
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● High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a kind of thermoplastic material. 

● It has developed to be the important polymer product in the world. 

● This universal product owns large range in impact property and fabrication property. 

● It process nice chemical stability and excellent balanced function. 

● It can make users produce qualified thermo-forming parts by lower cost.

1.Excellent tensile strength, high elasticity and abrasion resistance.

2. Hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance, long service life, flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance.

3. Environmental protection and safety, high transparency, smooth (anti-sticking) and easy to cut.


Color:Clear or Customized

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