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Introducing the parameters and application scenarios of soccer training boards to customers.

Professional football players soccer bounce training use
Football club customized large plate for player training
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● Soccer Rebounder Board is the perfect training companion designed to improve your individual skills eg. passes, turns and first touches. 

● Now, you don’t need your parents or your best friend to help you with the training since you have it all in Soccer Rebounder. 

● It is the perfect training equipment to have in your garden since it is so easy to move around depending on which activities you want to do. 

● It is only the imagination that sets the limits. Train with Soccer Rebounder and you will be one step ahead of your teammates.

1、Equipped with handles for easy carrying.
2、Collapsible angled legs allow for enhanced grip on all surfaces indoor or out
3、Dual-angle rebound board with both angles providing a different type of rebound
4、Size and thickness can be customized to meet children and adult football club training.
5、Pro soccer rebounder manufactured from an ultra-durable, impact resistant polypropylene composite material
6、You can adjust the direction, control the bounce of the ball and meet the training needs of the players and goalkeepers on the football field.

Thickness: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

Standard Size:1000×400mm, 1000×500mm, 1200×500mm,1500×600mm, 2000×500mm or customize

Color:Black, white, blue, yellow or customized   

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