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Introducing road mat to customers. Customized HDPE road mat is mainly used in ground protection.

Temporary flooring
Portable access roadways
Protective matting systems
Stadium ground covering
Outdoor Events/shows/festivals
Building site access works
Construction, civil engineering and ground work industries
Emergency access routes
Golf course and sports field maintenance
Sports and leisure facilities
National parks
Utilities and infrastructure maintenance
Boat regattas
Temporary roadways and carparks
Caravan parks
Heritage sites and eco friendly areas
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● Construction ground cover mats is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. 

● HDPE Road Mats are engineered to provide floor protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities.

1、Not warp, rot, crack, delaminate or absorb harmful chemicals

2、Can be used in any weather conditions

3、Non-conductive-ideal for use on transmission projects

4、Suitable for using on remote or high theft sites due to their minimal scrap value

5、Rigid enough to efficiently disperse the heaviest of loads

6、The thickness can be various according customer required loading weight.

7、Unique skid resistance surface

8、Tough durable working areas and temporary roads for heavy equipment and multiple vehicles

Thickness: 12.7mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm.
Load Capacity: 80 tons

Other measurements can be also customized.

Color can be black, yellow, red, blue or other demanded.

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