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Introduce the relevant parameters of HDPE sandwich sheets as well as the application scenarios. Suitable for environments such as children's playgrounds. Support customization

Playground systems
Signage road &park signs
Metric boards
Outdoor recreational facilities
Sports venues
Carved signs
Decorative elements
Photo Gallery

● HDPE dual color sheets are coloured sheets where you can choose any colour that you like. You will need no painting if you apply NEU HDPE sheets. 

● It can also be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer and its non-stick surface makes graffiti difficult.

1、Excellent chemical resistance. Good wear resistance

2、Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

3、Good electrical insulation

4、UV Resistance

5、Very low water absorption; Moisture resistant

6、Good protection against stress cracking

7、Resists organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack

8、High flexibility at high or low temperature

9、Food safe. Non-Toxic and smell

Thickness range: 0.5mm~30mm Width max.: 2500mm

Length: Any length

Standard sizes: 1220X2440mm; 1000X2000mm

Customized accepted

Surface:Plain, Matt, Embossed, Textures

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