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heavy duty pp plastic pallet sleeve box for automotive and cargo storage

The uses of Plastic Pallets are extensive and can be used in most transport and storage situations.
Typical uses for Plastic Pallets include; transporting loads, internationally shipping items, stacking and storing goods and any other transport manoeuvring jobs.
They can be used to transport small items such as electronics to pack a lot in to fill a Pallet.
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● Plastic Pallet Boxes are extra large, heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings. Pallet Boxes are forkliftable and come with either feet, castors or skids (skids/runners allow for storage on pallet racking). All pallet boxes allow for easy access by forklift truck or pallet trucks and most models can be stacked up to 6 boxes high (excluding pallet boxes with castors). 
● Plastic pallets are strong, hygienic, water resistant and environmentally friendly. Most of our plastic pallets are compatible with racking and can be handled with fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and conveyor systems. 

1.Easy-folding,enabling high retun ratio

2.Easy handling in loading and unloading

3.Inserts for space efficiencyand productprotection

4.Sleeve locking system for safety and box integnity

5.Single piece or multi-part pallet sleeve

6.Custom screen print available

7. Sealed edges available in standard heights

Material : PP + HDPE

Color : Customized

Thickness : 3-12mm

Applicable Temperature Range : -30° C to 55° C

Dimensions:Complete specifications (consult the merchant for details)

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