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PET sheet

Food packaging: Case and tray for confectionery, bakery, fruits, vegetable, fishery, meat products Dairy products, beverage cups,containers Lids for ingredients, lids for ice cream
Blister packaging: Toys, accessories, batteries, commodities
Medical packaging: Containers for medical supplies, optical devices
General usage: Case for cosmetics, dolls, sports stuffs, writing materials, common box type cases, and other stuffs
Printing: Silk Printing, UV Offset Printing
Signage: Clothes Labels, Food Labels, Price tags etc...
Stationery: Notebook Binding, Book Cover, Plastic Bags etc
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PET sheet is a thermoplastic material widely used in industrial and consumer products.It is used for vaccum thermoforming food packing, folding packaging box, printing, pharmaceutical medicine packaging and stationery packing, can pack drug, food, hardware, motor and car fittings, toy, cosmetics, gift, garments etc.

1.Light weight,rigid,strong, durable, waterproof ,moisture-proof.

2.Chemical resistance,anti-impact and fade, anti-folding, anti-aging, high-strength properties.

3.Easy to fabricate,custom size,non-toxic.

4.Odorless, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, gorgeous in appearance, rich in color.

5.Environmental friendly, recyclable, washable.Excellent for paints and inks easily.


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