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Liner sheet

It is suitable in mine exploitation.
Power plant.
Storage and transportation equipments.
Cement industry and chemical metallurgy industry etc, and filler spout, 
Liners of all iron wagon and auto dumpers containing bulk material.
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● The UHMWPE liner is the best supporting facilities with the feature of non-stick, fast unloading, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 

● It is provide the fast and stable deliver of coal, cement, wheat, sugar and other powder and granular product. 

● The UHMWPE liner is can be made as your requirement .

1、No incrustations of bulk material

2、No bridging caused in hoppers

3、Enhanced protection of plant and machinery against wear

4、Faster bulk material flow

5、Cost of lining exist hopper with UHMW-PE is 1/3 o the mild steel

6、Light weight, 1/2 weight of steel

Different sizes according to customers requirements.

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