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Chemical Machinery.
The gears and parts of corrosion equipment.
Wearing parts, transmission structure parts.
Home appliance parts.
Automotive parts.
The mechanical parts of screw rod.
Chemical Equipment.
Gears, bearings, star wheels.
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● Ultra high molecular polyethylene with high stability, high wearresisting corrosion resistance. 

● UHMWPE Machine Parts use this materials processed profiled is widely used with a variety of areas, because of its unique features, can be used for a long time not aging, prolong the service life and safety of all kinds of machinery.

--Highest Abrasion Resistance Of Any Polymer, 6 Times More Wear Resistant Than Steel

--Anti-Weather & Anti-Aging

--Self-Lubricating, Very Low Coefficient Of Friction

--Excellent Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

--Superior Impact Resistant, Noise- Absorption, Vibration-Absorption

--High Tensile Strength

--Non-Toxic And Smell

--Uv Resistance

--Flame Retardant; Relatively Low In Water Absorption

--Excellent Electrical Properties

--Good Performance In Resisting Environment Stress Crack, 200 Times Of Ordinary Pe

Color:as your design

Sizes:Customized per customer drawing or sample

Shape:as your design

Size:As same as drawing

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